The original Red River Valley Home for the Aged was in a large 3-story building (the old Central Hotel) located at 4th Street and Horace Avenue.  Reverend Alfred Larson from the Baptist Church was the superintendent of the 37-bed nursing home beginning in 1943.  The following is a timeline of how Valley Home was created.

January 1953:  Discussion for a new home for the elderly began.

January 1955:  The Christian Home for the Aged was created with 9 individuals named to serve on the board of directors

February 1956:  Valley Home Christian Society was incorporated and resolution passed to accept the offer of the Red River Valley Home for the Aged to transfer Reverend and Mrs. Larson remained as superintendent of the Home.

October 1956:  A committee was formed to begin plans for a new building.

June 1963:  The new building located at the corner of Highway 32 and Arnold Avenue opened and began operations as a non-denominational boarding care home with a capacity for 67 residents.

1969:  A new addition was completed which provided 31 double occupancy rooms increasing the total capacity to 137 residents.  The addition included a dining room, library, larger activity room, and lounge.

July 2005:  Valley Home converted to an assisted living facility with all private rooms.

March 2006:  The newly constructed 24-unit memory care unit opened.

A neat fact of the Valley Home history:  From 1955-2017, a Christensen family member has served on the board of directors wince Waldie Christensen was named to the board in 1955.

history written by Administrator Angela Malone in 2016