Home Care Services Available for Assisted Living

The following is a summary of the home care and related services Valley Home has available for residents:

1. Staff available 24 hours per day to respond to scheduled and unscheduled needs for service.
2. At least one “I’m Ok” check each day.
3. RN evaluation within 14 days of admission and again every 62 days. The evaluation may be done more frequently if there is a change in the resident’s needs. Service plans will be updated and changed according to the needs of the resident.
4. Assistance with ordering and storage of medications, setting up medications, doing medication reminders, and medication administration for most medications.
5. Assistance with activities with daily living.
6. One person transfer assistance.
7. Housekeeping services. Full room cleanings every two weeks. Touch ups on a daily basis.
8. Personal laundry weekly and as needed. Bed linens changed a minimum of once per week.
9. Preparation and service of three meals per day and a morning, afternoon, and evening snack. Some special diet modifications are available.
10. Limited assistance with incontinence management.
11. Assist with arrangement of medical appointments.

Every resident has their own customized service plan, based on their needs. For more information on services provided, financial questions, or to schedule a tour of Valley Home, please contact Sheryl Payne, RN Coordinator or Angela Malone, Administrator at 218-681-3286.