Licensure & Services

Valley Home is registered as an Housing with Services provider with a Comprehensive Home Care License.

Under Housing with Services, Valley Home provides an apartment for persons 62 or older and offers one or more regularly scheduled health-related service or two or more regularly scheduled supportive services

  • Health-relate services include professional nursing services, home health aide tasks, home care aid tasks and the central storage of medications.
  • Supportive services are defined as help with personal laundry, handling or assisting with personal funds or arranging for medical services, health-related services, social services, meals and snacks or transportation to medical or social service appointments.


With Comprehensive Home Care licensure, Valley Home can provide basic home care services and nursing services, licensed health professional services and delegated tasks.

  • Assisting with dressing, self-feeding, oral hygiene, hair care, grooming, toileting and bathing
  • Providing stand by assistance
  • Providing verbal or visual reminders to the client to take regularly scheduled medication
  • Providing verbal or visual reminders to the clients to perform regularly scheduled treatments and exercises


Comprehensive Home Care Services provided by Valley Home

  • Assisting with laundry, housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping, or other household chores and services.
  • Services of a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse.
  • Tasks delegated to unlicensed personnel by a registered nurse or assigned by a licensed health professional.
  • Medication management services, including medication administration.
  • Hands-on assistance of one person with transfers and mobility.
  • Providing minimal other complex or specialty health care services, based on.